Tuesday, April 16, 2019

My wheel is back!

Oh man it has been a quick two weeks without my Stans Arch wheel, I finally got the serial number off it and sent it in to them. As usual Stans no tubes was flawless in the warrat and took great care of me. I got a nice new rim and maybe a new driver I think, the tire went on adn air went in and off I went to ride it Wednesday. Sooooo good to have it back, what a different feel of the bike over terrain and quicker freewheel engagement, I really wonder what a high end wheelset feels like. Everyting held air and I had a pleasant ride out on the Horse trails, ran into a rattler, the ones on that side of the mountain are so chill, they never even rattle at me, at Gold Canyon however those suckers mean business. I feel slightly calmer when I come across them since it's a weekly thing now....

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