Monday, April 22, 2019

E bikes without shame

Friday my mother in law was in town and I got the go ahead for a casual normal ride, it was good friday so I was unsure how busy it was going to be out at Hawes. Turns out it was pretty busy but not too bad. Heading up the ridge I got heat on my back tire from some E bikers, I let them pass and watched as they leirsurely steamed up the trail as I pedaled under normal power. I was surprised to find both of them perfectly capable of a normal pedal bike but yet they were on e bikes, kinda strange. They stoppef for a drink at the top of the climb and I kind of chuckled, despite their lack of work they needed a drink. I steamed on for a plan to go up to Mine. I ran into them again on mine and I passed them and put them behind me again. I got cutoff on the entrane to TRW but a beater, he wouldn't let me pass for some reason and I got really frustrated, no headphones or anything so I just about pushed myelf by, not sure where the lack of decency was about, I was a little disapointed in my frustration in the riders out at Hawes but I was telling myself to stop being suck a prick. Ride was done and I got my excercise and was happy to.

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