Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sundance Friday

Got to ride, things have been nuts around here between home searching and settling in general at my in laws but I managed to sneak a ride out despite challenges. It has been weeks off the bike and its still so difficult to get on the bike but I have no choice but to deal with it. I rolled up to Sundance ski resort since it was fairly close and would offer some higher elevation and clean air. I did not know it cost 5 bucks to ride but I was there and the 5 bucks does offer well maintained trails. It was a tough climb on the gravel road up to the first trail. I found out quickly that there were a lot of tourists and locals using the chairlift to access the trails, I was the only on that day eating my vert which I would have no other way. Lots of very courteous bikers moved over to the side for me as I was on the uphill right of way. The switchbacks and climbing was gentle and offered spectacular views of the Wasatch. Felt good to be up in the alpine with those smells that are all familiar to me. I was following a trail map which I absolutely can't stand cause they are never easy to follow. Found myself back tracking to take the DH trails. It was a good time making my way to Experts which was a pretty nutty trail, very steep and needed more bike only found myself off the bike once in a clean ditch. Trails form there were a ripping good time, plenty loose, I can't stand the ardents on this bike they are terrible in all conditions with this bike. All that aside I was at the base and climbed back up for some more. This time having a better idea of the trails I made a clean loop and found myself miss one trail but I pretty much covered the joint, not a bad ride at all after two hours. Gimme MOOOOORREEEEE!

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