Thursday, May 22, 2014

Case O Twenty

Well off I went again, my wife is awesome, she has offered to take the boy again so dad can get out on another ride. I forgot my helmet and remembered 5 minutes form home thank goodness! I cannot even remember the last time that happened. I did not know what to expect after Crandalls not going well the morning before but what would you know I felt stronger than Mondays ride. I headed out fast and spent a bit of time trying to decide what routes to take, usually I put more effort into figuring it out before the ride but oh well kind of kept things un predictable. I used the fern climb twice since I planned to ride Graveyard but last minute decided to rip down Tinti trail instead. Then I made my up to Johns DH, took a little different way up to it and sorted out well. Then made my way to top of nut and misty mountain and then the rest was history. Hit the car with still plenty of leg left but made my 20. Pretty pumped to end the ride week on a 3 day binge with 50 miles.

Case o twenty

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