Sunday, May 4, 2014


Well like 3 days a week of riding is not enough I still usually can fill my riding glass half full at the end of the week. Every year it can get worse, my wife has to put up with my obsessive bike disorder. Like any other OBD you try to find any way to get more trail time. For me it meant waking early Saturday, I have been wanting to get on some longer rides of 3+ hours, but since I am not a night rider that is pretty hard for me to do. I mean really 90 minutes is perfect and 2 hours is great, but 3 hours is where it's at. Still most places within commuting distance are pretty worn out but Case has loads of different fresh ways to link the trails. So off I went and was on the trail by 5:30. Plenty of light pouring into the skies now, a dark reminder of a few weeks ago in 16F black mornings dying to see the sky turn blue so the woods would stop creeping me out. Anywho, I started off down the new stuff and then up fern and around to Birch mountain rd and then down the rock and then from there I took a little off section to not overlap trail. Then I was back at the bottom of fern and then made the tough choice to climb Shank Juice. Threw down harder than normal which was due to getting some fitness back, always a pleasure. Down good ol tinti and off to ride John's downhill. By then the legs were feeling a bit dented but still doing just fine. Up misty mountain, easier climb than I remember, then the nut trail which has gotten WIDE. Standard issue from there, I was hoping for an easy 20 and hit my mark, I definitely did not ride the least hilly climbs. I arrived to the pretty stoked on the morning and set off home for whatever other adventures awaited.


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