Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mansfield Hammer

Oh what a day, the weather has been absolutely outstanding! Spring has been a big deal this year, probably mostly cause it's my last and also its been another tough winter and stress is max around here. I got some free time that allowed me to get me a longer ride like I have been wanting. I was set on Mansfield Hollow and hit the trail and was off running. The goal was at least 20 miles, and I would be pushing light limits but I had my headlamp in the pack and ready to go if need. I rode the Schoolhouse side which was great, still a few spots surprisingly in tough shape with water. I was whipping thru the Schoolhouse and having a good time doing it as well. Soon I crossed the road and was in the state park side ridding mellow wide trail to get to the other good stuff. The lollipop was closed so I was not going to be able to add that in, so made my way around the lake. The lake I must say looked spectacular, the lighting and time of the day was really a sight. Rode the rollers and then I was on my way up stoned hill, feeling a bit less gas I did make it up no problem and then had a slow ride down the DH. By now I had not much left but crossing the road and making a small loop to close out the ride and just in time since lighting was so very close to being headlamp worthy. Such a good ride, felt good to start the week off right.

Mansfield hammer

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