Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tuesdays despirations

It was slightly painful watching rain move in as I was preparing to put the boy down to sleep and then head out for a hopeful 90 minute pedal. I set out the door to retrieve my bike and saw the rain had begun, it was really light rain and looked like it had just passed thru and I had time before the next band. It was pretty cool and in my mind I almost said screw it, just go back inside, but no I was like see how it is. Sure enough the trails were just fine, just enough damp to keep things hairy, to be honest I like riding these conditions, not so much for climbing since I have only one gear and that torque makes wet climbs tough. I cranked as hard as I could to get as much trail in as I could. I was pushing into the evening as it began to mist and tinkle a little, no bother I still had time. Made it 1/3 of the way onto AL's when I pulled the plug and headed home with my light on and to the house. Not bad I got 80 minutes and 8 miles, I will take that anytime over no riding.

Damp hale

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