Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monday Dues

Oh man I was itching to ride Monday, I waited most the day and got the go ahead to head out about 5:30 and I was changed and out the door in minutes! I was extremely anxious to hit trail, I picked Case as some wet weather departed a few days ago leaving other places more sensitive. I could feel the pent up energy in my legs as I drove to the trail head, feeling like this could be a fast one. After the first climb I decided to back off the gas cause I might doom myself, I just picked up speed as I went. It was nice out, no blue skies or anything, the front of a storm was filling the sky with clouds but I had no worries I was on my bike and had 2 hours to ride. A standard ride off the side of blue on the new single track that is town line licker/smooth/smookey. Love those trails, they're nice and new and I think leaf blown. The up fern and down Tinti and then the sucky gravel climb up the power lines and down Shank Juice. Shank Juice still has a few trouble spots to walk around, I am not sure when they will ever be dry but it certainly gets use. Feeling good after that I was heading back up the hill between me and home still not ready to end the ride. But as all good things must come to and end I mixed it up at the end and pointed it at the car. By the way the tubeless i fixed, turned out the rim tape was off center enough to allow air to seep by and make its way to that spoke hole. Hope the new tape works and I can be trouble free.

Case goooood

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