Monday, April 7, 2014

Saturday gift

well I got lucky, the schedule was clear and I got the green light to ride Saturday at 6pm, that gave me 90 minutes of light to do my thing. I was beyond stoked, I was probably frothing at the mouth until 6pm came. When it did come I geared up and asked my bud Bentley if he wanted to come, seeing it was early spring maybe the ticks would not be out yet so I asked him if he wanted to go and for the first time he actually showed interest. Off we went on Landon's connector, Bentley prancing in joy of being outside, we were both feeling pretty good. It was great to have my Buddy back on the trail with me, the ticks are atrocious out here for those who don't know that's why he does not ride with me anymore. Over the years he has come home at times loaded with them and I just can't stand them, I also can't afford for them to be roaming my house trying to latch onto my toddler. Anyway having a ripping good time, it was nice to be riding at the end of the day vs the beginning of the day. I was feeling good, apparently my legs strengthened as the days went on after weds/thurs, which is still a magical figure I am constantly trying to figure out, when my legs will be strongest, not that it matters all too much. Anyway, the sun shown bright on Al's trail, I love taking pics here since they cleared the forest last year it beams light onto the trail from the west at the end of the day. We rode trails as fast as we could, dog tight at my side, he was in good shape unlike last year, I wonder what was different, maybe the horrid haircut I gave him. Oh it was a good ride, it's a shame darkness had to come, but I was actually feeling guilty and looking to get home at the 90 minute mark to spend some time with my lady. She's extremely busy and we are going through a very very rough time with everything that is going on trying to keep our heads up but we are holding strong. Well when I got home and decided to just check Bentley for ticks, I found 1 then 2 and ended up with like 7 ticks, not cool at all. I squashed every one of those pieces of garbage, I found pleasure as I ended their disease carrying bodies, I guess I have severe hatred for them always but now more than ever since they got me sick last October. I got 2 more months to get thru this crap hole without getting one digging in and then I won't have to worry about that in Utah. Hope to ride soon, standard desperation is set in, going to have to wait for trails to dry again with the rain we are receiving tonight. Hale gift at EveryTrail
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