Friday, April 25, 2014

Monday Afternoon

Monday was absolutely beautiful, what a night to ride the bike. I headed to Mansfield Hollow to hit the MTB trail and link up back up with Schoolhouse Brook. Man was that a ride, I ran into some newly rakd trail which took away from the normal route but since I know it's the original trail builder raking he must want that to be the route. So it was kind of soft but it needs tires right. Then it linked back up to the old trail and I wondered why the new route? But kept on riding, things got real real leafy, these trails don;t see too much traffic at all so last years fall is still heavily coated on the trail. It was getting real hard to make out the trail, so much that I ended up lost. Lots of downed trees from recent winds were not helping at all! I just took a turn down the hill and made my way towards the road and caught the normal trail which worked just fine until I was on blue trail. I took the fastest route back to Schoolhouse so I could ride the outermost loop. Once I neared the power lines I was in for another surprise, the power company mowed down the forest leaving shreds of wood and me losing the trail. I was in and out of finding the trail as I walked all the tree carcasses. Eventually the trail leaves the power lines and I was on my merry way. In the meantime this ride I was sucking up twigs left and right into the Belltown that was really pissing me off. Again, these are very little ridden trails so I had to suck it up and pull them out of wheels, drive train, and wherever else they mangled. I was stoked heading back up Wolf Rock running on time and not out of gas. It was a tricky ride up blue as normal but it was a breeze from then on out. Really good stuff, got one in before the weather coming for Tuesday.

Hollow w leaf n sticks

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