Saturday, April 5, 2014

Thursday Morning Goods @ Crandlls

Another sunrise session. I love Crandalls, the only thing is part of me gets not so excited to go and ride there. I guess the trails are tight and your always climbing one of two hillsides, there are not much trails like some other ride locations and that is ok since that comes with a small riding location. The trails they do have are fantastic and I love them but I guess I get spoiled by nearby huge riding locations. With that said Crandalls was a good ride, It was in good shape despite a few standing puddles of water. There are a lot of trails in a tight area so you must have a decent plan to hit all four Climbs and descents on the First hill, the scond hill behind it it a straigh forward loop out and back. Then you have Zig and Zag on the top of the 1st hill which I absolutely love, there is nowhere else I have found in CT that is so smooth and twisty and level. I guess thats why I lvoe it so much, it's just a easy pedal which I feel is rare compared to most trails in CT. I hopped my way onto the log rides as usual and found myself having extraordinary balance on the Belltown. Most of them have easy on ramps but when you ride them in both directions its adds more skill. It also probably helps that they are so grippy and new, either way I wish I rode more logs but there are not many near me. My legwork was still diminished but I just kept moving on. I did two laps on Zig Zag to add some mileage and fun as I do now to fill a good 2 hours of riding. Rain and schedule conflict has set in yet again, we shall see what happens next week. Crandalls monin at EveryTrail
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