Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wednesday @ Case

After a weekend full of rain and no riding, I had to wait until Wednesday for things to get better. It was a patient wait as I was anxious to get out as much as possible to fill that desire to ride. Another sunrise ride was on the menu, it looks like these morning rides are coming to an end possibly since even they don;t work with the scehdule but trying to figure that out soon. So I got to Case, it was more light that last week thankfully so I needed no light. Still a slight bit of spook in the air but light came quick and I focused on climbing. I took the new trails at the top of the hill, town line licker, smooth and smookie and maybe more in between I don't know. I am pretty stoked someone made these trails since they are a nice change, there is still a ton of room for more trail all over Case and apparently someone is still cutting new stuff. I decided to take the haul out on blue trail, I took it against the grain for who knows why but it was a tough slow ride. My Spring legs are still lacking a lot of what is desired but I walk a few spots and push hard on others. At the top of Dragons back, the sun had just hit the top and I took a minute and took in the sun rise and said my thanks and snapped a few pictures and off I went. Pretty good showing from then on out, I made my way back slowly but surely. I mixed this ride up a bit overall, it was not the fast speedy route, it was the climbing route. Good fun all around and happy to be out on the bike. Case at EveryTrail
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