Friday, April 18, 2014

Sun up @ Case

Well the schedule as the normal calls for me to get up real early to ride, and if that is what i have to do to get trail time then so be it. I set the alarm for 5:15 and set off to Case hoping for it to not be wet from all the rain Tuesday. Turns out case was perfect, nice and frosty too since it was 28F when I started. This was a mellow ride, I have been kinda riding die hard lately and just naturally took it nice and easy. It was slightly chilly in my short and long sleeve shirt but it changed pretty quick and was plenty comfortable the rest of the ride. I was so happy to be out pedaling as usual. The Belltown was firing on all cylinders and I set off on a little different loop. I had 90 minutes to ride but stretched it out a little coming in under 2 hours. Looks like an order to get those 3 rides a week tomorrow will be another early morning since LuAnn has class and my parents are coming over to hang out.

Sun up @ case

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