Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thursday squeeze

another tough week to get on the bike, I had somehow managed two ride and has a bit of karma waiting for me from ride number two but I will get to that later. Thursday nights are the Hale regular and I was faced with the decision to have one of my last rides with them or travel or just go solo. I decided to join them so I pre rode for 25 minutes before the ride. When I did make it over it got going in a little bit and was a smallish group of 5 of us. Felt great out I am not going to lie and I was so stoked to be riding. Things kicked off quick and I found myself moving backwards since I was in a mellow mood and was not feeling like pushing it but that is the way I like it. Shortly one of our tubeless pals got a flat, and in went a tube. It sucked having to stop cause the mosquitoes were out and in attack mode. After 10 minutes we were back on our merry way, and climbing and found myself getting in the groove. Then another mechanical, a drive train issue had everyone stopped for 15 minutes or so, I was anxious to be moving and contemplated to head off on my own ride but I hung in there so I did not look like a dirt bag. Another rider hung back withe the un repaired casualty so wer were down to 3 of us heading in the reverse standard loop. It was fun to mix that up, I have been meaning to do this for some time. At the end of the ride I was struggling with a feeling of a busy in my mind, there is a lot going on at home and for the first time in a long time I was not focused on my riding. So I was slacking as I found myself loosing my fellers in the distance. No big deal, I am still riding and chugging along even if my mind was not entirely on riding. I rode home and got in and has food on my mind but before I could do anything I had to take care of some floaters the kid left in the tub during his bath that I made for him when I felt with his Mom. It was a small price to pay for 2.5 hours of riding so I happily cleaned the mess up. Next week is my last week likely riding in CT and I hope I can get a few rides in before Thursday.

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