Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Maple Canyon

Last week I took a walk with Landon up a trail, while exploring the nearby Canyons I found myself up Maple Canyon, a close proximity to where we are temporarily living. Low and behold I found bike tires and a decent trail, I had only walked a mile or so but knew there was more potential. So after getting home from my brothers wedding I escaped last night and drove up there with the bike, found myself climbing at a comfortable pace as I beat the horses to the trail in the lot thank goodness! I am sorry but I can't stand sharing the trails with these people and their horses, if I wanted to ride a 1,000 pound unpredictable animal I would not take it to heavy user trails. Anyway so I beat them and luckily climbed and climbed and eventually hit a difficult rocky stream bed. I hiked a bit and found better trail and then hit it again. It was a tough decision for all the hike a bike but I was up of an adventure. After 4 miles up maple I decided to turn around for a fun downhill. It was real fun, reminds me a lot of Little Cottonwood Canyon trail. I was going for a longer climb but was pleased with any riding! Coming down was fun but I was weary to running into the horses. Dodging pile after pile of turds and narrowly missing a massive puddle of horse urine, I found them. I kept a distance as not to spook them and dwindled my thumbs as I lost out at the last 5 minutes of trail. Stoked to know this trail is so close to me, it short but I could out and back in 2x for a solid ride.

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