Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mount Timpanogos

Decided to hit the trails at the mouth of Provo Canyon, I have been looking to get back here since I have had a hard time locating trails as a new riding spot usually goes. The ride up to the trails is a sucky gravel road but the trails off of it are wonderfully narrow and fantastic. I took some climbing and wrong trail choices but I did begin to climb out of the canyon and at a tough click even with gears. I had a ride idea in mind and was working my way into it, so far the climbing was rough and lose but my legs were strong. I was getting way up there and was trying to make my way to a saddle to make a solid loop but I was sick of climbing for 90 minutes so I dropped in and had one heck of a ride down 2500Ft! Stoked I got a ride in after getting back from Florida!

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