Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Provo Morning

Hit up the Provo Canyon again, better enjoy it while I am still here in Utah Valley. I never though I would find such a great trail network on the foothills. I got up about 4:50am so I could get to hours in and be home and go about the day. It seemed unusually dark as I got closer to the trailhead, I guess the summer day light is already losing quickly. It was just about enough light to see the trail as I began my climb, feeling pretty good I planned the standard grueling climbing route and wanted to add in a few more feet after reaching the standard. I remember why I have not been anxious to climb higher since I was hike a bike a bit on the single speed or with gears. I hit what I thought was area 51, if it was, it was very short and surprised me how quickly I hit my familiar trails. Then it was off to the Lament downhill, well I was tearing down as usual, a very steep very narrow loose trail, the wheel drifted left and hit some break and tried to make my way right, it all happened in slow motion when the tire dipped off the trail and down I went, my face smashed into the ground and I popped up wondering what happened, my nose hurt, my side face hurt. The impact was very hard and a face full of rocks had me feeling my face and shoulder to make sure if the shock was hiding the pain. I felt my nose, not broken, face, not shattered and collar bone in one piece. I was fortunate with this one, another crash of just scrapes and bruises and I am thankful. Odd this happened two rides in a row, I think I was not paying attention, my mind was drifting and not focusing. I keep forgetting I have to have skill and not just natural ability. It hurt but it was not going to end the ride. So I continued and finished and had another great ride.

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