Thursday, July 17, 2014

Provo Loopy w some serious heat

Well I got the word that I could go out on a spin during Landons nap and so I proceeded to do so. I was however not planning on it being too hot to ride. I guess have ridden in a lot of heat, but this was too much for me. I got started on the road and it felt like I was riding in an oven. But that hardcore dude inside said thats not enough to stop me, well I climbed the normal and by the time I had to really grunt up the heavy sections I bombed hard. Had to walk a bunch while the sun screen soaked sweat made it really hard to see, I debated turning around due to the burning in my eyes and lack of energy to put down on the cranks so I walked up and hoped to feel better. Once I reached a good height I said screw this and stormed down to make my way tot he car. I was happy to have got an hour ride in but was defeated by the sun.

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