Monday, July 21, 2014

Corner Canyon Bliss

A lot going on but I managed to squeeze a ride Saturday, it was for an evening ride which is my favorite time to ride and a rare time lately. I was going thru locations in my mind as I drove and found myself at Corner Canyon to try to crank out 2 hours worth, I could have easily done 3-4 hours but 2 was what I had. After riding a lot of Provo Canyon it has really whipped me into shape, Corner Canyon is a walk in the park on the Single speed. I put a loop together in my head and changed it as I went and it turned out to be one kick ass ride. I was extremely surprised to have the trails to myself, I have been there on mornings and it is a zoo! It was really relaxing and just a great ride, I look forward to more of them since I will now live a few miles from it in 4 weeks! Coming down the road and entering ghost falls I got aggressive and washed out, took some skin off my leg and arm but got up quick and kept shredding. It has been a long time since I have had a crash and I forgot that terrible stinging that takes place after ripping flesh off. I was at my 2 hour mark and really did not want to stop riding, but I gave my thanks for what time I did get. I was scheduled for a 40 mile ride that day but event unfolded and fell thru, I keep aking my lady when can I get a good 1/2 day or so to ride and I am told after we move into our house, tip then 2 hour rides be just fine!

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