Saturday, July 26, 2014

Diamond Fork

Over slept the alarm clock this morning but thankfully I had time, I headed up Spanish Fork Canyon to a less ridden trails. What a nice ride vs using the highway I was driving through cow country. Getting to the trailhead it was nice and cool and they got a little rain which made for some great grippy trail. I have ridden here two or three times before and was unsure if the SS was going to be a bad idea but it turned out to be perfect as it usually is. The trail was actually much easier than I remember which there is nothing wrong with that. Pretty soon the trail was littered with cow pies, fresh ones I might add, filled the air with unpleasant aromas. After caking the bike in manure I did some pavement where unfortunately you have no choice but to use it unless you have more time which I did not. Riding on a paved road in the mountains with no cars is actually a very pleasant believe it or not. Got to third water and started descending on a fun ride. I arrived at the hot springs and hopped in and was stoked to find them a good temperature unlike the last visit. I had them all to myself and soaked for a good 10 minutes and enjoy the tranquility of the stream and flowers and amount of awesome this morning was! After a good soak I enjoyed a 10 minute ride down to the car. I need to get back here before I move back North in a few weeks, I need more time to do the bigger ride.

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