Saturday, July 26, 2014

Shoreline to Corner Canyon

Gut up at the crack of dawn again, seems to be the best way that I assure I can get a ride in, since things pop up in the afternoons and I don't want to to get poo poo'd on my parade. Again it was so dark I could hardly fine the trail, I started in a new location I never had before. Its the flight park at the end of the mountain where the shoreline trail starts along a mellow ride behind the yards of the homes. I decided to mix it up and ride as much shoreline that allowed a big loop to return eagle crest trail. The ride on shoreline was pretty straight forward, built for single speeding and built to put a smile on my face. The skies dropped a few drops of rain that built a rainbow behind me and I continued on until I needed to turn around where I could finally get my climb on. I climbed up the new Rattler trail which is pretty good as any Corner Canyon trail goes. Hopped over the Canyon Hollow and then Brock's and I was on top heading for Eagle Crest. The ride on Eagle Crest was spectacular, offered up waves of grain and views of Utah Lake. Not ready for the morning to end I had no choice but to dip down on a fun long ripping descent. Ran into other riders coming up in all the worse sections but I was able to stop and move over. It was a quick ride once I hit shoreline and had to end the ride.....

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