Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mega Ride

I have been putting some rides together in my mind and one thing always happens, I have trouble finding the amount of time to travel to and ride. So I threw out there Friday night I would like to have to be back around 12 so that would give me all morning. I could not believe it but I got an ok! So I have been wanting to ride the Wasatch Crest so I put together a ride had me start in unfamiliar Deer Valley Resort and ride up it and then take the Guardsman paved road to the Crest Trail. Then ride all of it and drop down the connector and take Mid mountain all the way back to Deer Valley. So I woke up at 4am in excitement and got out of the house real quick and loaded up the car and off I went on an adventure. Once I got up Provo Canyon I got a great view of the stars, it was pitch black out since it was so early. Luckily I made it all the way to Park City without finding any deer on the road,it was still very dark and I had no idea where I would start my ride. I waited a good 10 minutes and then began my search, I quickly found what I needed which was Deer Crest Trail just barely able to be found in the darkness. Deer Crest sure was a nice comfortable climb up the ski resort runs. I was awaiting meeting a moose but none were to be found. The sun was finally brightening the sky and Deer Valley opened up and I found Mid Mountain trail and then began to climb Team Big Bear. This trail climbed a little more aggressive and I took it easy since I had a long ride ahead of me but it was all very manageable. I then hit the Ruby road where I got a little confused but I found pavement and climbed up a very sucky hill but it had world class views of Timpanogos and the backside of Brighton ski resort etc. I eventually made the top and hit Scott's bypass, the trail was incredible, I was now riding high alpine trails covered in wild flowers and damp from a light rain the night before, the conditions were as good as it has ever been! It was an absolute pleasure riding the Crest, Sadly though I did eventually have to clean it and head back into the Park City area. I rode the ridge connector which I never have and it was fun and fast and then I was on Mid mountain trail again where I would be for many miles. From there it was very straight forward. I simply took mid mountain all the way back to Deer Valley and wish I had done more research so I cold of rode a better descent but what I hit worked. I must say I had plenty of gas left in my legs and could have made this a 50mile ride, I hope soon I will get the chance. Not a bad day on the Belltown, no gears, no suspension no problems!

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