Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Saturday Provo Canyon

Well I got out on another perfect Saturday morning for a ride, It was another sunrise ride and I had a little different loop in mind. I started in a new location that I scalped from a fellow Strava user, It was a bit of a tough climb up to the towers but it was a beautiful one at that. I never get to pumped up for the climb up to the rocks from the aqueduct road but I always tackle it anyway. I hit Taj Majal pretty soon after passing the rocks and I was relieved. It wasa pretty rough trail, quick ups and still plenty of climbing along the base of the mountain. I was pretty stoked when it finally started heading downhill. It was a solid romp that put my brakes to test, they got so heated they turned colors, I have not needed 180mm rotors until this ride. I crossed the road and then hunted for the shoreline trail. I found it and found it a nice grade and a nice climb up at a good rate. I thought I might be low on leg but I had plenty left to give. The rest of the ride was straight forward lots of fun and a short fun DH to the road and then the car.

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