Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Monday ride

Well I am happy to say the crazy process of buying a house is all done! We are officially moved into Sandy and stoked out of our minds! I always pictured living in this area with great access to corner canyon trails and little and big cottonwoods canyons. Its a very strange sensation the last few days but it has been incredible and I am so fortunate! Well we moved in Friday and you can imagine things were nuts for a few days so I had no problem waiting until Monday for a morning ride. I set off on a nice short 10 minute ride to the corner canyon trails! By far the biggest and best network offered in the Salt Lake Valley. I am sure they will get old over the years but it's still the best place to ride for distance wise. I hit the trailhead at 6am and was surprised how much light we keep losing, I was really surprised to find 10-15 cars already in the lot. Luckily I never really found anyone on the trails and still felt like they were all mine. I climbed up Clarks, then over to anns, up to maple hollow trailhead and over to Eagle crest which made quite the stunning view into Utah Valley. Then down Rush and landed awkward and just knew that was going to cause a flat, and sure enough few minutes later it went flat. Quick change since I tore a sidewall weeks ago I am no longer tubeless in the rear. Back on my way I rode a bit more and over to Rattler trail and to shoreline and it was delightful. What a treat this rid was, felt really weird going home so close nearby but I look forward to it feeling more natural. Still waiting to get two more bikes in the garage from in laws and another place, but our entire crew will finally be here soon. Pics of the garage to come soon, I friggen love the garage feels real good having my own space.

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