Monday, August 25, 2014

The Big Mountain Ride

been hearing some buzz about this new trail Snowbird built, a lot of controversy surrounds it, but any trail going up from the base to summit is something I want to explore! I headed out for a morning ride when I found the time with all this settling in business. The Isuzu I am borrowing form my father in law decided to just about over heat as I got to the top of the canyon on a cool morning. We really need to find a 2nd car. It was dark when I got up there so I was armed with my headlamp and got cracking. I found the trail pretty easy due to research and was in for a surprises. Lots of deer were found in my headlamp, then I caught some larger eyes, a mama moose and calf. This makes for a very uncomfortable encounter, they were a distance off but I cut the trail so I could not make mama nervous, moose kill more than bears etc... The climb was pretty uneventful really, pretty fresh still from being cut. But offered this nice alpine forestry. I made it up to my old lift I use to bump chairs at, Mid Gad Lift. I had some good times that winter, very fond memories of that job. Knowing the terrain extremely well was tough cause I knew exactly what was ahead of me. The climb did get very tough as the ride progressed, one tough switchback after the other! By then I was looking very forward to the summit and after a lot of grunt and some walking I found myself at the top with a spectacular view of the Mountains around. It was one heck of a ride up and was looking forward to getting down. As soon as I started ripping I was hard on the brakes, the trail was so choppy and I was getting beaten to death the entire ride down. My hands and wrists were hard to release by the bottom. I was juts happy to have it over with and found the DH not enjoyable at al but that was entirely my fault. Slid ride, keep trying for more, backpacking this weekend I can't wait.

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