Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monday Afternoon Quickie

Well I found myself driving to the trailhead at 5am monday morning, I was groggy, it was dark, it was drizzling and I arrived and just did not feel it enough to get out and ride. I headed home and went back to sleep. I awoke to a noisy toddler and got him up and ready for the day, did some errands and then put him down for his nap and I got the word I could get out a afternoon ride. I needed to be close so I went to Maple canyon to explore two more trails. I took the full suspension so I could enjoy it on the downhill, it was added weight but it worked. I had a smooth ride up to the fork and took a right and hiked a bike through a tight ravine. I rode a little but it did not let up so I headed down. On the way down I took a turn onto the Spanish Fork peak trail and boy was it rocky. Juts barely ridable with the pitch so I walked a little and rode most but soon found no end to a tougher and gouger climb and I headed down. A solid ride down to the car, I love that stuff, luckily I met no horses! After I passed the car I wanted to see where some other trails went. Put me on a power line double track for awhile and turned around and called it a day. I was impressed I had steam left in my legs after Saturday escapade but all is well. Ten more days tip we move to Sandy, preparing to close is scary but exciting!

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