Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fifth Water Ridge

So a couple weeks ago I was making my way up the Fifth water trail when I had to turn around due to time constraints, well I was fortunate enough to have my mother in law watch my boy so dad could go out into the mountains and get some riding. Like every ride to the Diamond Fork trail head, I enjoy every bit of the drive to get there, you just have to experience the ride through the mountains and you would fall in love too. Well I got to the trailhead and was armed with the fs 26" since I was feeling like having it for a loose rough descent. I regret taking it since right at the begining it was snapping and popping and just telling me all the things it should when it needs a new drivetrain. Cranking up I felt pretty good, there were a few families to pass that were on their way to the hot springs. I found the cows about an hour into the ride up by the gate where they should not have been. Not my problem but I am sure the wanna be cowboys knew they were there. A herd crossed the trail 20 ft in front of me, I noticed a solo car straggling behind and he was eye balling me, I continued to ride and he began to start to charge me and once he closed in 10ft I pedaled like heck and he gave up. That go the heart going, they're big animals and I don't know them well, most are scared but sometimes you have no idea what they're thinking. I was now still on the fifth water trail making my way up what I rode for the first time a little time ago. I passed the Center trail not sure if I should have taken it, I just wanted to get up to the ridge so I stayed on the fifth water trail. It was really an incredible pedal along the upper fifth water trail, a real treat. For some reason this place comes with a bit of spooky wild feel, and none of that helped when I came across bear tracks. I have never seen any in my time in Utah, have in Wyoming but not Utah. I kept cranking but kept an eye and ear out. It took some work but with views like this on the trail it was a delight climbing to the ridge. The trail lead to a dirt road which took me to an outstanding view of the Uintas and Strawberry Reservoir. I quickly began a descent and found the center trail which had more uphills than I expected since I was hoping for a straight drop. This ate up a lot of time but I had no choice, soon I was finally on the downhill and it was a solid fun ride. It was about 45 minutes of a descent by the time I reached the car and it never gets old. I love Utah it's incredible, I can't wait for more rides!

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