Sunday, September 7, 2014

High Uintas Red Castle

Life has been busy as you could imagine, there have been endless projects with this house, but I still have found time to ride. Last weekend I was in the Uintas in the most spectacular place I have ever been. I have been in the Uintas before but never had this experience. We left Friday morning and got a late start on the trail but we were good to make it before dark. It was a mellow but long hike in from the China Meadows Trailhead. I was so glad to be back out in the wilderness on a backpacking trip again, it has been years. I had this trip planned out for us and nothing was going to stop us from having a good time. Even if on the hour 6 a lightening/hail storm nailed us. After we made it out of the storm the skies opened and blue appeared again and the most spectacular light hit Red Castle and was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. We landed a secluded camp sot with dumb luck and just 200 yards from the lake just hidden in the tree line with the most spectacular view! I was cold, I packed extra light this trip and wish I had a warmer layer but I was stuck with a rain jacket that barely kept me comfortable. We made camp and got a fire going as the sun set on the Lake in magnificent fashion. After some time drying shoes by the fire we made an early bed in the tent and hoped for a good night sleep. The rain and hail fell mod the night and we all tossed and turned all night long. I begged for the break of dawn and got out and made breakfast and we all got moving and go ourselves ready for exploring. We made it to the Upper Red Castle Lake and had a nasty wind that had me looking for cover and found a perfect spot to fish. Second cast I had a fish, landed a nice tiger trout. Brought a few more and had them throw the hook at the lakes edge but enough so I got to see them and I was glad they let them self off and saved us the hook trouble. Weather moved in after 5 minutes of fishing and forced us off the lake. Despite rain and heavy wind we made the best of it on the way down and did plenty exploring. I was so bummed we had to leave the lake I wanted to do so much more fishing. After a few hours of making our way to camp the sun came out! It was like nothing I have ever experienced, the wilderness turned into the most incredible view I have ever seen. I made a late lunch at camp and basked in the rays with my shoes off and felt finally at rest. I really wanted to go back to fish that lake but I was cooked for the day. Another incredible sunset and a good fire and tom foolery with my friends. The next day we headed to East Red Castle and found a beautiful secluded lake offering more spectacular scenery. Sadly no fish were found but it was another nice explore. When we returned we would have to pack up camp since I was out voted to stay three nights......The hike out was looooong but it was in good company and look so so so forward to going back.

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