Monday, September 15, 2014

Emigration Showdown

Finally got my homie Brent out on a ride after a lot of harassing on our backpacking trip. We set the radar on Emigration Canyon AKA Mormon Pioneer Trail. I have ton rode here since I last lived here in Utah some years ago. I was excited to get back since I have good memories. It was so cold this morning, it was probably 40F or lower and I was without gloves, I could deal with the cold body but not the hands it sucked. We got going just at the break of light and we did not need lights as we chugged up form the Reservoir. The wind was brutal bearing down on my hands making it almost unbearable. But I toughed it up as we climbed up the trail. It's a really mellow ride for the first few miles and then it gets steeper and loose, I did not expect to walk but single speed and loose on uphill don't mix well. Once we hit the switchbacks it was smooth sailing. On the way up the views were incredible, offering a view down the valley of Salt Lake. We did not spend much time at the top since we were but cold s we headed down. Just a minute in my hands froze, I could not feel how much pressure I was putting on the brakes, it felt like I had no skin and the bones themselves were pulling the levers. It was a pretty uncomfortable ride to say the least but still had a good time. So glad Brent made it out for another good one

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