Monday, September 22, 2014

Saturdays Bliss

The Millcreek Canyon trails have a special place in my heart, mostly cause they are all so awesome and it was when I really got heavy into mountain biking I frequented it alot. The best trail by far in the Canyon is the Big Water trail, a trail that climbs up to the famous Wasatch Crest trail. I have not hit this trail yet this year and I guess I kind of forgot it, also it is a very busy trail and best on the off hours. So I set off Saturday morning at the usual 5am and got up to the top by 5:45 and found a dark parking lot with alot of cars. I have never seen so many, especially that that hour, there mist have been some campers or something since there was no sign anyone just got there. I was a little spooked to ride this trail solo but I braved it and felt better as a car arrived as I started on the trail. It was dark obviously, and the trail was damp with heavy air, but it felt so good to be riding. As I climbed into the darkness it was pretty uneventful until just a hint of daylight arrived and I could see the dark blue and then eventually the surrounding trails were showing their fall colors even though the sun was far from rising. Passed my first people, they were hunters in cammo in hopes of finding Elk but I know for a fact that would never happen up there. Onwards the climb never ended, I forgot how much relief or level ground existed up there. I did reach a viewpoint and got off the bike and took in an absolute blessing of a sun rise. I took it in for a few minutes before I had to unfortunately head down and leave good miles of single track since I was out of time. It was not long before I ran into many uphill bikers. It was a fast ride despite stopping every so often for the other trail users. Was such a good ride, stirred up some old memories.

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