Monday, September 22, 2014

Flying Doggy

Set the 4:45am alarm to take care of business, I heade up to Park City since there are still some trails I have yet been able to hit due to time constraints. I had plans to ride flying dog trail and parked at Glenwild and began the mellow climb with many many deer. It's reliving to find out those glowing eyes are deer since I fear running into moose and mountain lion. Glenwild is a real mellow ride until I hit the switchbacks and I must say the legs were lazy and my mind was not far from it but I put the steam down for the climb. I started to get daylight as I ran into more and more deer. By the time I reached the summit the headlamp was off and I was ready for a rocking downhill. It was smooth as butter and was welcomed on the rigid. Ran into a friendly critter who as making an absolute mess of the trail. I guess no one gave him the memo that it was poor trail etiquette to damn up the trail. I continued on as the day grew brighter and the ski resorts were lit in orange form the sun rise. There was more Dh riding than I remember which is cool. The a mellow ride to the car and another ride in the bag!

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