Monday, September 22, 2014

Fast Spinner

Got out on a crank last week, I started at about 6:40 so I had a good hour + of light and then whatever amount of darkness I wanted to ride. I had some pent up energy and fumes to exhaust so this ride started off at a furious pace. I was at Corner Canyon trying to mix up a loop and ended up getting up high on the Eagle Crest in hopes of a glorious sunset over the valley but by the time I reached to the top I missed it but still had a fun descent down the trail and felt fuzzy being able to call this place home. By then I had been pretty sure I was making personal record times and was enjoying the fast pace. With time I climbed back up to Ann's and over to the top of Rush trail and made a difficult ride down with a headlight. It was really hard to get depth perception on the trail so I took my time. Solid ride and sure enough I did set many records on the strava. The house is never ending, in the middle of a bathroom demo and various other stressful scenarios I think this ride was me spinning it out. It helped for a little but did not last long enough, oh well.

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