Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Corner Wednesday

My lovely wife gave me the go ahead to go out and rock a ride during the evening, starting a good trend of riding wednesday evenings which is welcomed since I seem to be in a much better mood and flow when the sun is going down and not up. As usual there was a mass swarm of bikers all over the trail. I ran across at least three groups of 10+ riders. I always seemed to be going against traffic but after moving off the trail 10 or so times I got use to it and there was no choice but to just enjoy the trail with the other users. I hooked up a good loop and still have fresh ideas but I am wearing them out and have to keep it creative. Corner Canyon trails rip on a SS rigid, the climbing is fast and smooth and it feels good putting the pedal on the metal there. I got home in time to see the boy off to bed and do something with the house like my daily routine consists of always. The bathroom is coming along and I am learning a lot.

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