Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunny warm toasty feeling

I was going to ride the morning but LuAnn had a exercise class so I was was able to get out on the kiddos nap when she returned. I was excited since this meant I could ride in daylight, morning rides are good but riding during the day or evening are few and far between. I decided to start off at a trailhead near my house, I have walked a little of the shoreline and biked pieces but I could not remember if it was a good idea or not. Turns out the views were beautiful and with them came some hike a bikes with gears or not. It took about 25 minutes to reach the Corner Canyon trail network but everything was good. Climbed on up Rattler feeling real good and was stoke to be out riding. Up Canyon Hollow and to Brocks trail and then made the decision to rip down Ann's. The I made my way back up when I ran into my first rattlesnake. He was little and his rattle was not yet developed, they still pack a punishing venom so I admired him as I waited for him to make his way off trail. What a nice time of the day, it felt a lot different than those early morning rides. Ran down Ghost Falls and then back to the trailhead. Solid ride that again never wanted to end I had another 20 miles left in my legs but as usual I was out of allowed time but I was happy to have what time I had.

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