Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Park City Intrepid Soul

With more morning rides as the weeks go on, more of them are bing spent in the dark. The woods here in Utah just don't spook me like the woods in CT. I have been desperate to get more rides in Park City so I set the alarm for 4:30am, I was willing to do whatever it took to get a ride in and it meant the morning. I hope one day I can just ride more and whenever I want but for now I must tend to my demands of life and squeeze rides in wherever I can find them. So off I went to a new spot I have never been with a plan and hopefully a successful outcome. I parked in the outlets parking lot and found what I needed climbing through small brush in the dark lit sky. I could not tell but I was at the base of the Olympic facility form years ago where they did the bobsled and the ski jump. There were a lot of switchbacks and found them tricky with a light and a SS as I washed out on a few. Checked my phone a few times for my map and successfully ended up at Robs trail. Now I hit thick pine forest which came with a spook factor but I had relief when I saw two cars at the trailhead, could there be another wacko out on the trails like me in the dark. Well after 20 minutes I found an older man hiking, as I went by he called me an intrepid soul and I said the same back to him since we probably had a mutual understanding for the Mountains. By then I was getting just a slight faint bit of light from the East but it was slowly for sure. I was getting higher into the Canyons ski area and finally hit my trail junction I was looking for. I guess it's called the Hunters trail. Started off at a nice downhill flowing real nice offering up views into the are as the sun rose, it was absolutely incredible. Waking up with the mountains was as majestic as it should be. After some really nice trail I ran into a large critter in front of me, I saw the massive antlers and he disappeared. After I cautiously proceeded I found to huge bull moose chilling together, why they were together I don't know but one spooked and ran further and the other more close checked me out and I was in awe of the size of him. I wish I had gotten a picture but it's all good. I fear moose, they're very powerful animals and deserve a lot of distance and ones with calves are very dangerous. Onwards I hit a bunch of downhill switchbacks and then doe dreaded uphill ones. I guess soeone counted them as 32 or something, by then my legs were a little weak so I walked some since they were steep. From then I made my way down as fast as I could since I was running late, there were so many trail forks, I look forward to getting back there to ride. I hit the school and took a paved path to the car, what a morning, it was fun on completely new trails and navigating. What a solid ride, I can't wait to get back!

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