Sunday, September 7, 2014

Braving the Darkness C.C.

I have hesitated when riding in the dark, but I fear less when I run across another soul, so when I arrived in the parking lot of Corner Canyon that morning at 5:20 AM I saw 10 others gearing up. It crossed my mind to ask if they wanted company, but was not interested in a cold shoulder of LLDR's so I headed out on my own. Ran into quite a few deer on a corner and we both stopped in our tracks and the went about our business. Up Canyon Hollow I was finally armed with suspension and was ok with it even on the ups. I finally got a tie bit of light as I passed the summit and pushed for Jacobs ladder, I made it all the way up to the top of Ladder and was impressed with my leg power. Tore down Jacobs ladder and felt pretty uncomfortable on the bike, reminding me all too much of how much I need a different new bike. I desperately want a 150/160mm travel bike with some good components, the Kona Tanuki just barely gets me by..... Decided I had time to make a Maple Hollow DH trail run so I added in some annoying pavement to cut time and then headed down the trail. Really fun but has seen a lot of riders and the erosion and lack of maintenance shows but it's still a great trail. Another good ride and a good start before my parent arrived in town to help us with a ton of work needed to be down around the house and of course see Landon.

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