Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning in casemart

Went to bed saturday night unsure of if i was going to get out in the morning, but low and behold at 8:30 i woke up and was out the door 20 minutes later. Today felt good, it wasn't as cold and the wind had died down. We had a great ride, the whole time for some reason I remained nervous about my loose drivetrain. I am unfamiliar with eccentric bottom brackets and for some time now I have wanted to learn how it comes apart. I just ordered some new parts to revive the kona dawg and I hope to make it through the season on the single speed without repairs. At least theres not a whole lot to replace......There is a bike class at Uconn that is for free thursday nights and I hope to start going. I may be able to rip a car apart but when it comes to the bike its too precious for me to mess with it incase it malfunctions on a ride. Which is why I usually deal with a bike shop. Anyway we had a great ride! Bentley lost me for the first time today, we had hit a fork and some guys were at the top of the trail which must have spooked him so he didn't follow which is really weird cause he is always at my side and so happy to see everybody! Anyway he sidelined the woods and then entered and i was calling his name but he was frantically running through the logging piles. I had eye contact with him the whole time but because he was so worried about finding me he could not locate me yelling and whistling his name. He was no more than 50ft from me and in plain view and he eventually hit the trail and bolted 20 ft in front of me and I am still yelling his name and as he looped around the trail he saw me sitting watching the whole thing. We both felt a sigh of relief and i was happy to see how worried he was about finding me. we continued and had a great ride to a great weekend.


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  1. i didn't know there was something loose in your bike....i loved that close up of bentley!! im glad you got out.