Thursday, March 27, 2014


Well the weather was stable, very cold but stable so why not get after another one the next morning while I could. At 5:45 it was not very difficult to rise out of bed for a chilly 16F ride, which I believe was mostly due to my determination to make a ride schedule that worked with my responsibilities. So off into the darkness once again, this time with an idea to hit the trails across the way on the ridge side. I was feeling ok until I started climbing up to the ridge, it just got ugly, I had absolutely no steam in my legs. I can't remember the last time they were so hopeless, I mean NO STEAM. So it looks like I still have some recovering lost time to do but nothing I don't think can't be achieved in the next few weeks. It was another nice ride, offering a sun rise once up high and then lost the sun on the way down but still offering plenty of light. I was defeated on the trail, I found myself walking just the moderate uphills in disbelief. Pretty disappointing from a fitness standpoint, but gives me something to work towards I suppose. After humiliating myself in the woods all by myself I found pavement and rode home with my tail tucked behind me. Let's see what next ride brings, legs are still sore but on two days rest. Out with the Thursday Night Hale Whore Crew let's see what happens.

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