Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Up early to get the worm, it was dark when I woke up, the clock said 5:45 and I had my bike gear all laid out downstairs and got right to it. Armed with clothing for frigid 16F temperatures I set out on the Belltown with a headlamp lighting the early morning trail. I had no idea what to expect, would I burn out form lack of cardio for two months, or would I find snow and be hiking a bike. The woods were as creepy as they usually are when your alone in the dark with them, listening for every little noise to hopefully not disturb any mystical man eating beasts, ready at any moment to fend a ferocious animal with my bicycle. As the sky slowly turned to a rich dark blue, it was comforting knowing that sunlight would be soon following, I made the first climb, the second climb and then on the 3rd the head got dizzy as the brain thumped fiercely with each pump of blood, I feel sick, I might vomit, I hop off the bike and lie down on my back. I'm looking at the moon, it's beautiful in the sky, still dizzy I try to calm my breathing, I start to feel better as I come back to life. Onwards with the trail but ready to walk as soon as the heart elevates too high again, damn it's been too long since I rode last, why can't I take up running or that dang elliptical sitting in my house when I can't ride. The bike feels good, I feel better, the ground was caught off guard by the deep freeze while thawing which made for crusty crunchy needles at time. I hit snow, phew it's rideable. Keep them tires rolling boy, do not slow now. The sun begins to glow the horizon, come warm my bones as I cling to my ride of desperation. Trails feels good, I am feeling good, all is well and the weight lifts from my shoulders of pent up anxiety and stress of the last few months. Life is good, God is good. If your ever awake early enough to catch the sun rise in the wilderness, you would know it's a magical event that takes place while most are fast asleep or speeding down the road with their coffee to grind out another day in the world. But when your on the bike it's just another damn good day to be alive. Onwards as water instantly freezes on contact as I roll thru streams. Stay ont he controls as you ride through the rutted tire marks some ambitious riders left a few days ago. I feel pretty good, let's finish this ride. On the homestretch a part of me does not want it to end, but another part reminds me of my responsibilities, take one last picture, dang that bike looks good.

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