Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Steep and Deep

Steep and Deep, something you might hear me say in the upcoming winter of 2015 while I'm ripping Rocky Mountain descents on my board, but last Wednesday was a far different beast. After constant annoyance of me yapping to my poor wife, she found some time to take over my duties and have me go rip. She would have the boy from 5:30pm to bedtime so I could run an hour up north and get some local runs in. I had a friend to ride with so that was great, night riding is dope fun and the fact I can do it less than an hour from my house is pretty cool as well. It was a pretty cold day and was going to drop into single digits that night, but with such short vertical of 625ft I think I never got going long enough to get chilly. It was not as packed as last year, but the park was about the same. I wish they had more jumps, there was one mid size solid jump that was fun and actually manicured perfectly to my liking but I never felt comfortable enough to start throwing spins so it was just grabs for this guy. Was a good night to get out and blow off some steam, despite being icy and sketchy at all times with varying conditions, lots of grabs and tricks were thrown around to make it worthwhile for 4 hours.

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