Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7 weeks later

I finally talk to the owner at Central wheel, I tell him it's been 7 weeks and I have been getting bounced around by each shop employee not knowing what is going on with it. Luckily I got the owner and he told me they just talked with Raleigh and they are having a real hard time getting them to stand behind their product, I can't say I am surprised, I go thru a frame a year. The most recent one I hoped would last being a brand new frame, it appears my riding style and East Coast shredding is built for destroying frames. Which makes me want to ride my Belltown even less in the coming months before moving. I know the less rocky terrain in Utah will do just fine. I am happy with the response from the shop owner, I must say I was growing really frustrated with them since every frame has been a lengthy ordeal and this one was proving to be the worst. He says they are trying to get Raleigh to stand behind their product and I applaud them with their efforts, in the event Raleigh pulls thru with a frame I will be surely visiting them with a big case of beer or something. It's been 5 weeks off the bike and it sucks, but not sure how much riding I would be doing with my duties at home anyway. I am in a bit of a dilemma without the Raleigh back in order since it is my go to bike, I really don't want to put the Belltown into full use and my Kona Dawg is up for sale, please come thru Raleigh! Just one more frame and I will never ask for another again! This is number 4 frame for me by the way, can't blame their sick of replacing their product. Please melt our snow, I am going nuts over here! Must ride soon or I will surely shrivel up and die.

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