Saturday, February 15, 2014


Winter has tightened it's grip around our necks and has been battering us the last month in bitter cold and white fluffy stuff. I wish I could say I was enjoying it and the skiing was great, but the fact of the matter is we are cooped up inside 95% of the day, struggling to wait out the end of winter. I look so forward to getting outside and feel the warmth of the glorious sun again and say goodbye to the snow. I love taking care of my boy every day, and I am blessed to be able to do so while my wife endures education to provide a much better life for us. Not thinking about riding on a daily basis these days however is tough, why is this thing on two wheels empower me so deeply? I found that the outdoors have always moved me, especially in the last 5 years of my life, I feel at home in the wilderness, whether it be on my snowboard or the bike or carrying a little infant on my back. The smell of alpine meadows in the summer, the cold fluffy powder days, the sound of trickling streams and big valley views. I wish sometimes I could focus my mind on business and success, but for me and for better or worse, have an adventurous soul always seeking refuge from the daily grind. I wish sometimes I could meet everyone's expectations, but in this thing called life no one was made perfect. I love my life, I continue to live it best I can without regrets, hopefully keeping my wife plenty happy along the way. Not sure where that came from but I felt it from somewhere and blurted it out, maybe some other mountain bikers might be able to relate. Its snowing outside, for the third time this week, I am running out of placse to put the snow, looks like a few more days of weather and the 40's are showing for Wednesday. The next ride will certainly be a memorable one that is for sure, certainly will be sucking wind from being so idle but damn it's going to be great! Mr speed devil plow man has totaled my mailbox one too many times this winter, I made the mailbox mobile, take that jerky!

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