Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Man Up Raleigh

So remember a few months ago when I cracked the Raleigh Frame for the third time! Well the bike shop got off to a slow start with the warranty claim and after some calls I finally got them in gear and he told me the situation. The problem was that Raleigh would not stand behind the frame since apparently the bike needed to be in complete working order and not stripped down to the frame like I had done. Why exactly it took 2 months for the shop to give me this vital information is still unclear. I have been dealing with Paul from Central Wheel and while I have been pleased with some of the staff I do like Paul. I have in the past had them warranty my other frames and it's always a lengthy process but after enough phone calls I usually get their attention since it always takes a long long time. Well anyway, I drove down there a week ago and re assembled the bike in the parking lot and we planned to re submit the bike for warranty. I love how I can put the entire bike together with just an allen wrench, minus the head set. I sat on the Raleigh when completed and felt how funky it felt compared to my Belltown but love to ride both bikes and love their differences. I got a call a few days later and sure enough they will honor the warranty! I am so happy, there is a catch though, Raleigh has no frames left, so they're hunting for one somewhere and worst case scenario I have to wait til the new 2015 frames arrive in July. At this point I would have already left CT but I can have a family member go pick it up since I planned on leaving it in CT for when I come visit my parents. Stoked Raleigh will stand behind it, now hopefully since I will ride it only a few times a year it won't break! GOOOOOOO RALEIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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