Friday, October 15, 2021


Oh my goodness, I got the go ahead for a morning ride before we took off back home that morning. I had a really rough few nights of rest but woke up after a few hours of sleep ready to ride! My plan was decided on the fly, Shultz area or make my way to Heart trail. I wanted Heart trail but Shultz area I rode once before and was closer so I ended up there. I was nice an early and put that light to use. I might not ride up Shultz trail next time but it's a great climb and nice and cool. With no sweat and morning light trickling in I was feeling sooo good and excited! The next plan was to hop on the AZT and ride over to litte Bear. I have never ridden this trail before, last time I went up Sunset and didn't really want to do that again. The trail got narrow and rode down a ravine filled with aspens in fall color and I was sooooo happy! It felt so good as I rode on, so mad at myself for not pushing to get up here over the last few years. It was a nice pedal over to little bear and a bit rougher than expected but in a good way. Then I began to cimb little bear, nice and narrow and enough rocks to keep you on the toes. The views began to grow and the scenery lit up in absolute beauty. The grade was just right, enought to climb hard but not enough to burn out. It was nice and narrow and I'm not sure it gets ridden too much. The climb was way longer than expected and eventually when it did connect with sunset I had more climbing. The a nice descent down Sunset I was refreshed. Then onto the easy flowy ride to the car, some AZT, Moto, chimney filled with flowered meadows, pines, grass and it was absolutey beautiful. This was perfect, exactly what I was looking for and so gratful!

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