Thursday, May 24, 2012

After a long 6 week wait I have a new frame back in my possession. It was a bit frustrating when I came across another crack in my 2nd frame; it was in the exact spot and had me pretty disappointed. Luckily Raleigh and Central Wheel Bike Shop in Farmington CT have been so great at getting me taken care of. I am still wondering if I am doing the right thing by building up a third frame to have only the same thing happen again. With no budget to upgrade, I am forced to rebuild and hope that this 2012 frame is for some reason better than the others. When I caught glimpse of the frame it was silver which was cool since a new color was like a whole new bike right, I was happy they hooked me up with a 2012 since it might be my best shot at a redesign or maybe another frame that wouldn’t fail. The only noticeable change was that there snow is a split shell for the BB versus fully enclosed BB housing. The headset and BB bearing were about shot so I had to order new and went with FSA Pig DH Pro in hopes to have this one last more than a year. Also a replacement of the FSA bottom bracket with the indentical part might be shooting myself in the foot. When installing a few parts on the new frame to speedup the process I realized I was left with a red fork on a silver frame, how funny looking would that be! So I decided I will strip the red off of the fork and then repaint a close matching silver. This all sounds easy but I have never done this before so it will be a trial, the first part is stripping the paint and I will do that with aircraft paint remover which can supposedly be purchased at Auto stores. Hope it goes well!

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  1. frame looks nice... maybe paint the fork up orange to match the orange bits on the frame? Although the whole painting the fork thing yourself sounds hard... good luck!!