Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unhappy Dog

So when we were in Cat Island a few weeks ago we were forced to put one of our dogs in a kennel and one in the hands of a good friend. This was the most difficult time for us since it was putting little Bowie in the hands of strangers for the very first time. I had checked all over the state at all the different facilities and this one was the one that exceeded our expectations. Bowie had never stayed over night in a kennel and we had no clue how he was going to do. He is very attached to us but he is not super clingy and emotional like some pups. So reluctantly he spent 9 days at the Paws Pet Spa. He was in a suite and we could view him from a computer or smart phone which was a blessing and painful at the same time. I could see the little guy moving around or sleeping and constantly he would dismantle his neatly made room into mayhem. I am guessing he know we were watching and wanted to let us know he was not thrilled. By the time we got him back he was his happy go lucky self and ready to go on with life outside of a room. I would bring him back to that place in a heart beat if he needed it, the staff was great and I know he was very well taken care of. This camera shot was towards the end of the stay, funny stuff. A bike ride tonight can't fricken wait! Riding Tanuki cause I am so sick of the Dawg and it moans and groans.

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