Monday, May 7, 2012

What a way to start the day, there is nothing like hitting the trail as the sun rises. It’s a mighty good feeling that runs through my veins on these morning rides, really teaches me to appreciate every day as a gift and how blessed my life is and super lucky to have these morning rides on the trail. As I left the house, structures on my western side were glowing in a soft pink and as I looked to the East the first signs that the sun was making its creep into the horizon. I wanted a picture of it but knew I could capture it soon when I got the trail head. So when I did get there the sun was further up than I thought but still got a few good ones. Shot down into the park and decided to do about what I did Saturday in reverse. So on to rock n roll trail or something like that. Lots of good stuff to be had there, a smooth ride down to the waterside and then tech the rest of the way. Now into the open, I think this place has been logged it’s pretty open and you can see trails going every which way and it looks really cool. I hit the mini loop in there the right way I wanted and it made much more sense. Hit the little roller and then made my way to lollipop. Nothing crazy to be had on this trail, got in and out of there pretty quick and learning piece by piece the little trails in between. I Rolled a few steep ones that had my seat post in my chest, which always makes me nervous but got away without dropping it. Saw the big flat rock where us kids use to hangout on our rides and enjoy the greenery. Rode into the lush wide open green that the north side offers and hike a bike up some steep ups that I went down on Saturday and didn’t contemplate how it would be going up them, which was not a big deal. Don’t forget I am out there for the benefit it does to my soul and to help burn calories. I may start to opt out this section since it’s a impossible climb and it really only leads you to a baby head rocky gravel mess of a road. Onto Chimney for another sad showing, first 50 yards I probably touched down 4 times……..was hoping for a better showing but it just wasn’t happening so be it. Really love this trail more and more, lots of room for improvement on my behalf that’s for sure. It was faster I think doing it in other direction, I still haven’t figured out which was is proper but the way I went today I think I will make it the proper way. Onto south pond and then off heading for the exit, extremely great ride!

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