Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh yeah, got out on a monday night ride with Pat. We rode grayville and glad we did cause it's always a great ride there! I was feeling terrible, felt like I hadn't rode in weeks and my heart rate was beating crazy and legs were weak... but I chugged along at it and soon into the ride pat was working on an old line while I had to take multiple attempts at a log ride. When I made my way over I noticed a good potential for a roller above it and pat cleared it off and we cleared logs and then Pat tore down it. It was a good long roller, longer than most and plenty of rock but was still very moist from the wet soil that was removed. I got to the top of it and dived in but with too much front brake that sent me off line but was able to correct it in time to avoid the tree, that was fricken close, and on we went. More riding and soon Pat dusted off another old feature that was a steep 6 foot rock, I mean really really steep! It really was a slightly tilted wall lets say. Pat rolled it tentatively with no problem but he was nervous. It took me a good 5 attempts to get courage to make the drop and when I finally did I was pretty pumped to come out of it behind the bars! Off to the farther side of the park and sessioned the dirt jumps. Two good ones, one a standard 6 foot gap and another 10 footer shooting high into the sky. Success with both runs, off to some rocks and finish up the ride.

Do gville

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