Monday, April 30, 2012

4 day slouch

Yea I didn't get to ride this weekend with scouts and commitments which is a bummer in a way but now I am anxious and ready to ride as ever. Tonight probably grayville will be ridden furiously! So I guess turkey hunting is taking place for the next 30 days and it puts a shut down on my morning rides since I don't want to piss them off or get shot up......bummer, I guess I will have to start making them at West Rock or Case. Rigid is still MIA sitting at the shop, they said a new frame is coming but what will it be? I am going to try to pick it up Tuesday so they don't charge me an hour of labor for doing 10 minutes of tearing it down. Also needs some new life put into it such as tire, BB, headset. Weekend was great, spring is really coming into action and appreciate it's green glory!

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