Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thursday Afternoon

So these bikerag fellas were riding Mesh and I decided to join them. I had gotten to the trailhead an hour early to have some alone time on the trail and enjoyed it thoroughly. I tried to get myself lost since I am not that familiar with the area and stumbled upon some stuff at some point I think I stepped foot on. It was a really great day and being able to ride was awesome! After cutting it close to make it to the next ride, I arrived just in time. I have gotten extremely good at predicting ride times and trail lengths it's kind of crazy..... so derek and pat were on their DH rigs and sure that the pace was going to be slower, I believe that was not the case. I struggled hard to keep up with them and that was hardly the case, I guess I am getting slower as I ride more..... We made our way up high and went on a good long descent and it was fricken awesome! Soon Derek was out due to mechanical and then Pat shortly after. So it was down to me and Miles to finish the ride. Glad those kids weren't up there shooting that 22. rifle anymore, made me little nervous. Finished that sucker up, after 3 hours of Mesh I was wiped out.

Slow mcgee at mesh

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